Overhanging Vegetation

Are you lucky enough to have a hedge or trees and shrubs on the boundary of  your property? If so have you checked to see if it is actually within the curtilage of your property? Very often a hedge is allowed to grow until it creeps over the pavement or highway and becomes a problem for pedestrians and road users trying to get by.

, Overhanging Vegetation

Creeping vegetation reduces pavement width. Are your hedges and trees causing a problem for people trying to use the adjacent pavement or impeding the vision of motorists on a junction? The Parish Council is keen to keep all highways, footpaths and pavements as clear as possible to enable residents to travel easily around and access all areas of the village. We would be grateful if you could take a look and take the necessary action to help us make Breaston a safe place for everyone.

, Overhanging Vegetation
Overhanging branches

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