Free Poo Bags

Poo Bags are free to Breaston Residents
The Parish Council has a budget of £1,400.00 per year for poo bags & we are very near to being spent up for this financial year, having already provided 160,000 bags since April. The Bag it & Bin it scheme is in place because it benefits all residents of Breaston by encouraging dog owners to pick up after their pets, making the open spaces more pleasant for us all.
However, despite our constant requests to only take one bag of 100 at a time we know that some dog owners persistently take multiple bags which of course is just not sustainable. To try and eke out the remaining supply until next April we have split the bags into 25’s and will only leave a smaller number out each day.
Please be considerate and don’t take more than you need!
, Free Poo Bags

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