Flood Alleviation

The Parish Council continues to liaise with the relevant authorities regarding flood risk and we have recently contacted the new land owners of the old Westonmere school site to advise them to inspect the watercourses on their land to ensure that no blockages cause any flood risk to nearby houses.
We continue to monitor the ditch on Longmoor Lane and ensure that the watercourse through Breaston Cemetery is kept clear. The team at Erewash have also carried out considerable clearance work to the ditches on the Longmoor Cemetery (EBC) side of the site. It is hoped this will help to clear up problems in the area. Other landowners have been contacted by the County Council and asked to attend to their drainage ditches.
We have also been in touch with the Environment Agency in relation to their flood warning system on the Goldenbrook. They report:
“Yes, we will still be introducing the flood warning for Breaston. This has been delayed due to issues with certain contracts unfortunately, and we now aim for a go live in Spring – Summer 2022. We will be in contact before then to share further information and materials to support the process – such as information on registering, FAQs, flood plan templates etc.
We always aim to get the equipment installed as far in advance as possible so that it can be tested, calibrated and capture some heavy rainfall. We then use this information to help us understand the response of the watercourse and to derive a suitable threshold on which to issue the flood warning.
We can all help prevent flooding by keeping an eye on the drains and culverts near to us – if you see any gullies, street drains or culverts that you think need attention please report to the Clerk breastonparish@outlook.com – 01332 870119
, Flood Alleviation

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