Dementia Friendly Village

As part of the Parish Council’s drive to make Breaston a Dementia Friendly Village we have been looking at ways to improve the lives of residents living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It’s not easy as we don’t always know who is affected so we need to make more general changes that will help us all.
The Parish Council wrote out to all businesses and organisations in the village back in March 2020 asking them to get involved. This was shortly before the lockdown began and we all know how that worked out, so responses were understandably limited. Therefore it has been agreed to write out again to try and kickstart our efforts.
In the meantime we have given funding assistance to the Breaston Evergreens Group with a donation of £250 and have been talking to the team running the Wellbeing Cafe at St Michael’s Church to see if there is any way that we can support them too.
We can all make small changes in the way we behave and communicate with those around us and it’s those small changes that always make the most difference. For more information on how you can help see the Alzheimer’s Society website here.

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